Web-enabling Legacy Applications

Organizations worldwide have been running business based on legacy applications that have evolved for many years across diverse platforms. In the 21st century greater performance efficiency and web-enabled interactivity are needed to support these businesses.

Migration-to-Web of the legacy applications allows organizations to rich two goals of extending the knowledge of these applications, while deploying the execution potential of latest technologies.

Our extended experience in business software applications combined with our applied expertise in the wide set of available web technologies guarantees successful migration of your application to the web.

Migration Steps:

  • Take a close study of legacy application
  • Apprehend business functionality
  • Determine technological requirements and risks
  • Determine the optimal migration solution regarding your specific situation
  • Assure effective realization and smooth migration by means of constant monitoring and project management

After having studied your application and having fully understood its use cases, our highly-qualified experts will build a browser-based version of your application that retains the essential features and takes full advantage of the web platform.